Saturday, June 30, 2012

What We Like

With some friends, you find an endless supply of things to talk about, beyond the quotidian. This should not be impeded by being at a distance. So we friends who are now separated in geography by a few hundred miles of the American eastern seaboard will pontificate, argue, address, and enjoy the subjects of our mutual (we hope) interests by pontificating, arguing, addressing, and otherwise doing so via the internet.

And what is it that we like? Books, articles, arts, markets, sports, leisurely things of not much less practical use than our respective day jobs (although that might just be my feeling). Jarad is an editor, and I am a consultant. We hope to occasionally have other friends join, too, or at least to read what we think is clever commentary and astute observation (but we would think that, wouldn't we?) Whatever the case, we think it will be great fun.